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Readers Write

Readers Write


Many have asked if the letters published here are authentic and we will restate that we have edited these only for clarity and otherwise have placed them in the public domain as is.

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Why Persist?

N. Nosirrah is not

No need for the proverbial pot

If he doesn’t exist

Why would we persist

In looking for someone who’s not?


Nosirrah’s response:

If Not is the Nosirrah that is

You’d be mad to follow this biz

But if Nos is a cover for

A Not that is Your core

Then looking or not looking is just iconostasis*

(found on a scrap of dirty paper in an attic in an abandoned house in Istanbul sometime in the recent past)

* iconostasis: a wall of icons and religious paintings, separating the nave (or perhaps the knave?) from the sanctuary in a church. Nosirrah has used the term as a metaphor for the dividing wall between the mystical and the material but in his reply to the poem it refers to the wall between the searcher and the pointlessness of the search. In his book Modernist Travel Writing, published by University of Missouri Press, which has been called “part of an ongoing reassessment of modernism’s vital historical, cultural, and political contexts,” David G. Farley, Assistant Professor in the Institute of Writing Studies at St. John’s University in New York, discusses the British writer Rebecca West’s use of the iconostasis in her book about Yugoslavia, Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: “the iconostasis makes manifest a mystery even as it screens it from the viewer.” In a church in Serbia, West is moved by a Macedonian peasant woman holding a candle who reminds her of a Byzantine Madonna: “The mediating function of the iconostasis aids her in her worship not by protecting her from the hidden mysteries or protecting the hidden mysteries from her but by providing a forum in which they are that much more potent.” West observes that “subtler news has to be whispered, for the reason that to drag knowledge of reality over the threshold of consciousness is an exhausting task, whether it is performed by art or by experience.”


Pursuing God Energy

Dear Nosirrah,

A question of proceeding. God energy is being learned, met. The ending of Time, by gathering in all accumulated experience is possible. I have apparently the experience of one human who lived without psychological limitation and did not overrate their living understanding of man, universe, living. I could use the word absolutely pure. I live with some profound emotional-psychic(chronic?) limitations.

I experience in humans, as human, failure in response, almost without exception, sensing even in the very wise deep ignorances not met. Realize my risk in this human failure, and the inherent selling of limitation to others, no matter what the wisdom present.

I fear pursuing this god energy because this would pass over everything smaller than that, and somewhere in this all is a point of no return, and an incorrect approach would still leave ignorances active, a fatal mistake. No one trustable, and lost.




Nosirrah’s response:

Ignorance cannot be known, therefore cannot be avoided, nor can it be explored or even apprehended. One cannot chose between ignorance and god energy as if they are different, although one can chose between espresso and americano, one being the other with hot water added, which is a metaphor, but a baffling one due to its inherent lack of meaning. I generally prefer the americano, which, to the coffee connoisseur, is akin to adding water to fine wine, which is not a metaphor and therefore not baffling due to its obvious concrete meaning. Water does the changing, we simply drink. Also, try to get more exercise, if possible.

(transcribed from the spoken word on Jan 3, 2010)



God is an Atheist, but what about Nothing from Nothing?

Dear Nosirrah Is Not,

I could not believe it when I came across the youtube of God is An Atheist. I was at Samuel Weisers on Broadway in NY in the 1970’s looking for what was then a not well know book called the Kybalian by the thrice great Hermes Trismegistus and came across, Nosirrah’s book, Nothing From Nothing, which blew me away. As you may know the Kybalian revealed the “TRUTH” of “As above so below” and other esoteric mysteries and was believed to be the key to all spiritual understanding. But on a whim I bought Nothing From Nothing which i did not read at first and then lost it. Months later while searching the world for a transcendent being who could fully reveal what was real and true and explain the mysteries, I ended up in a small village near Delhi. A holy man who has lived with the infamous Aleister Crowley and was a friend of Annie Besant, was teaching me how by living on milk for 40 days I could achieve a full realization of the Godhead. Then on the way to see him in the little bookstore, I found a ragged but readable copy of Nosirrah’s book. This was a sign that I could not pass a second time and with a few rupees exchanged, had the book in my hands again. I went to the river sat down read the book over the next 10 hours and was utterly ripped to my core.

Everything I was seeking up to then melted away. It was over, just over nothing seemed to matter, everything that drove my whole generation of seeking GOD, finding the right teacher, finding peace, inquiry, darshan, yogis, it was done! I left the book and that whole life by the river and came back and watched God’s reality as revealed to Nosirrah come forth. Yoga became a commercial rage, spirituality became a tourist commodity, I decided to try to find Nosirrah, but never could.

As he said in his book “Put this book down unless you cannot.” I could not and I am so happy if it will be out there again. Thanks for getting the word out. Maybe now in this age of fundamentalisms of all kind people will have a way out of the madness.

Fred Michaels


Dear Fred—

We are trying to find a complete copy of Nothing from Nothing and if we do we hope to interest a publisher in this spiritual classic. Do you have this book? If so, please contact us again.



Dear Nosirrah Is Not,

I have found it. I do have a complete copy of Nothing from Nothing, actually two parts of two different books but together a complete copy. It was not easy and it was costly, I worked with a antiquarian dealer in Berlin to acquire the first half at private auction perhaps bidding against Nosirrah himself still trying to destroy all copies of this work and then was forced to deal through a somewhat shady broker/go between in Paris (apparently this second half of the book was discovered in an urn at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery, no not on Jim Morrison’s grave but set between the graves of Gertrude Stein and Alice). I can send you a photocopy, I can never part with the originals, the few actual pages that escaped the destruction of its author. Perhaps you can find a publisher for this extraordinary work, but beware that you are playing with fire and what you unleash in publishing this book maybe more than you can handle. I am off to the headwaters of the Amazon where I have heard there is a copy of Chronic Eros in the hands of the Piraha Indians there, the book unread but worshipped as a potent fertility totem. It is thought that Nosirrah was initiated by this tribe whose culture does not include time or religion, and that he may have offspring from liaisons within this tribal group, including, possibly, A. Nosirrah the illustrator of his works. This could help to explain Nosirrah’s unusual state of mind apparently free of time as well as the primitive but fully alive drawings of A. Nosirrah. I may be out of contact for some time as the Piraha have little contact with the outside world, and since there is no past tense in their language and consequently their reality, my only hope is to remove their sacred totem, Chronic Eros and bring it back for study and possible publication. If I do not return, you will know that I have failed in this mission.

All the best,
Fred Michaels


Dear Fred—

We are in receipt of the photocopy and have contacted Sentient Publications about publishing this classic. We have heard nothing from them but we will continue to push for its publication. Thank you for your kindness and perseverance and good luck on your travels.




Delusional Memoir

The genre of delusional memoir (aren’t they all?) is fully fleshed out in God is an Atheist (delightfully illustrated Adam-Abdul). As meaningful as mystic coffee-stain rings, one only need read the opening quotation—of pundit Nosirrah quoting himself—or (at most) the book’s last paragraph. One can only wonder what, if any, enlightening insights his editor rashly deleted in between.

—Flo W. Trebor


A second letter from Flo W. Trebor, with this clipping:

Reluctant as I AM to review any more of N. Nosirrah’s output, I agreed to do so considering that his Nothing from Nothing is only 121 pages long—and thankfully some of these are illustrations…I have to admit this is doubtless the pundit’s best effort, though a reviewer has to admit this doesn’t say much. Don’t quote me, but I did overpay for my copy (which I found at the thrift store). It is likely his editor’s fault that he is misquoted throughout this autobiographical romp, except for when he is quoting himself,”Nothing from nothing, the occurrence of no thing, of thingness that is nothing, is what destroys the illusion of self.” However, he does better when he quotes from Shakti and Tantra and skips ( as he does throughout) the antistehnian precepts that caused the death of Antisthenese ( circa 370 BC according to Hoyle). One can readily understand why he and the editor broke off their conjugal co-dependency ( despite her snide remarks in his autobiographicalish Chronic Eros—another swollen tome I decline to inspect). Nothing from Nothing: what you get from a cockroach. One only need read the Preface. Consequently this review is far too long for the merit of the book. I am returning my copy of the book to the thrift store.

—Flo W. Trebor, Review of Books, Sept, 1976




I got a new puppy a few weeks ago and put her on the bed while I folded laundry. She promptly took a crap in your book, which was significant for reasons I won’t go into in the interest of brevity. As such, I await the arrival of Nothing from Nothing with breathless anticipation.

Ann G