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Practical Obsession

Practical Obsession


The Unauthorized Autobiography of a Mad Mystic


Described as “one of the best spiritual autobiographies of all times” by Nosirrah himself and elsewhere by him as a “semi-autobiographical science fiction romance memoir novella,” it is the best source for insights into the life of Nosirrah and the colorful cast of mystics, artists, grifters and maniacs who influenced him.

In ths remarkable spiritual memoir, Nosirrah takes us through the arc of his life from his birth, which he claims never actually happened, to his own death, amazingly described by he himself in great detail. A true master of consciousness, he recounts his travels through the inner and outer worlds, topping them off with a tender tale of love.

In print: Reprinted 2015 by Sentient Publications



I lived my life backwards having died just after birth. For one such as me, who lived a lifetime in just days, there was no time to waste because there was no time left. This was not a Merlin life, moving ever younger with vision of what the future held, but a life so compressed, so dense, that time stopped, breath stop, and all of reality experienced and then collapsed into itself. The doctors couldn’t help because they ceased to be, the mother’s tears didn’t fall, there was nothing at all. It was so beautiful, so vast, so undifferentiated that nothing could describe it. Yet it did. Life moved without time or space, and created as that description. Breath moved. Time began. I am, yet I am not. I am, only as a description by the absolute beauty of nothing, the description by the undifferentiated everything.

Mine was a struggle not to transcend life, but to descend it, a journey not to enlightenment but to the darkest regions of embodiment, the ecstatic tortures of the flesh.