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Optical Illusion Gallery: You think you know what you are seeing, but you are seeing what you know

Philosophical Humor: More jokes than you could possibly want.

C. S. Peirce: Another great but obscure philosopher

Wei Wu Wei writings from the enigmatic Wei Wu Wei

Ganges River: Does it have mysterious qualities?

God is an Atheist: Book trailer

Weird Page: collection of strange ideas, but just because they are weird doesn’t mean they aren’t right.

The Book of the Damned: hyperlinked Charles Fort masterpiece of oddities

The Enigma Project: clearinghouse for the investigation of the extremely unusual

John Walker – website of the uber-nerd, founder of Autodesk has cool things

Free Will Astrology- Rob Brezsny amazing astrology site

Psychic – don’t you need a beautiful French psychic (readings in English, French or Italian)?

U. G. Krishnamurti iconoclastic wandering non-teacher

Jenn Cleary bluesy indie rocker

Secrets reveal what is really true

Sentient Publications: publisher of Nosirrah and more

NonDuality everybody who is nobody in the world of nonduality.

Noumenon interviews focused on the nondual perspective.

Reality Carnival a potpourri of odd articles, links and comments

Nonduality Blog reviews God is an Atheist “a work of true madness and mad truth”

Nosirrah Road in Albrightsville, PA possibly named as a result of Nosirrah related events at nearby Inn at Pocono Manor?

Steven Harrison An author Nosirrah once bumped into

NosirrahisNot a link back to this site, will that make Google love us or make just a strange loop?