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Chronic Eros

Chronic Eros


Nosirrah claimed this book was written from the bed he shared with his editor and muse Lydia. However, there is some doubt whether this was an actual bed or an imaginary, possibly metaphoric bed. He does state that this is the one book that his editor did not “ruin” which some have been interpreted to mean that it was only lightly edited. This may explain some of the broken sentence structures and occasional break down of the narrative into obscure and turgid, almost circular prose which might leave the average reader momentarily disoriented. This could also be, however, the very genius of the work. Might be considered slightly pornographic, as well.

Released by Tragic Circumstances (Not in Print)


You cannot know what awaits you. It is only in total ignorance veiled in the hubris of knowing that you would even suggest to yourself the possibility of this encounter.

Because you are young, and with that comes beauty and freshness, you think this will protect you from any fire. It will, most any fire. But not any fire. Not this fire.

I will meet you exactly where you are. You will know it is that moment. You will feel the power of contact, drawn in by you, controlled by you. Your beauty has won again, taking in the old , the weary, the spent, giving new life, new youth as freely as only the young do. And, of course, you are ready to spit me out, finished, discarded.

But, this time will be different, your juice will become warm, then hot, then boiling. Your desire will expand beyond your won power to control it. Your breath will deepen, then gasp in shallowness, then deepen again. You cry out in the intensity of it, or moan in the agony of the pressure to release.

You cannot control this encounter, you nave nothing, but must give everything. You have met eros hiding in the form of another, now released, now inhabiting you, now devouring you from inside. Eros leaves you no choice, no control, now power. You are only left drawn to more of it, always more. You are drawn to be erased. Your beauty, your youth, all gone. Now it is mine. I am Eros and I have taken you.