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About This Website

This website might be seen as a homage to N. Nosirrah, and more importantly, to the insights that he has brought to the world through his extraordinary writings and teachings. We are sure that Nosirrah would have no interest in our enthusiasm for his work. After all, he is in the vanguard of the retro post-modernist, post-spiritual deconstructionist movement—he insists in his writings that neither he nor the reader is in control of the content or meaning of his words.

It is hoped that this website will be a clearinghouse for the republication Nosirrah’s writings and biographical details as they get unearthed. To this end, your help is essential. Not only are most of Nosirrah’s books not in print at this time, but some remain totally obscure. Information will continue to be posted as it is found. Please contact us with anything you know.