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About N. Nosirrah

“You construct the meaning that is not there unless you do, and is not there if you do. Meaning is not there, it is constructed as there. There is nothing before it, there is nothing after it, there is nothing during it. There is no it. It is just a word, without meaning unless you construct that meaning, and then it has none, it just has construction.”

Nosirrah, Nothing from Nothing


N. Nosirrah is a writer and philosopher who asks his readers to question their existence, God’s existence, and in particular, Nosirrah’s existence. He has said that those who understand his writings have no need to meet him, those who do not have no reason to meet him, and those who need to meet him have no need to read his writings.

He resides in a vast but discontinuous universe where he writes fascinating cryptic novellas for a small, rabid following of readers old enough to know better but unable to help themselves or anyone else.




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There are references to Nosirrah’s birth in God Is an Atheist. The event supposedly took place in the year 1923 or 1924 in Berlin, Germany or possibly Paris, France. However, it is not clear from the writing whether this is accurate or a passing reverie on the part of Nosirrah, who suggests that he may be the bastard son of Alice B. Toklas and Franz Kafka. It is clear from historic research that Toklas and Kafka were both in Berlin in 1923, yet Toklas was at the end of her child bearing years. There is also no clear record of Toklas and Gertrude Stein raising a child, who Nosirrah, in the book, insists was he.

Nosirrah goes into great detail about his life in his autobiographical work of fiction, Practical Obsession, but it contains no direct mention of his birthdate. He does however indicate that he died shortly after birth, which is assumed to be either a near death experience or a clinical death with an extraordinary recovery, and not simply a metaphor, as this event seems to have fundamentally altered his state of consciousness.

The rest of Practical Obsesson largely recounts Nosirrah’s attempt to integrate the resulting altered state of being, to communicate it, and to a large degree find his way to others who might share that energetic state. In the process, Nosirrah reveals himself to be a true master of mind and consciousness, a traveler through the inner and outer worlds undaunted by any obstacle, and it is for this reason that we find his work to be of such value.

In his book Chronic Eros Nosirrah portrays a world of love, romance and eros so convoluted and absent of normal sensitivity and social perception that the reader is left wondering whether he ever really had a relationship with anyone, other than perhaps his muse and the bane of his existence, Lydia, whose full name is thought to be Lydia Smith, or possibly Lydia Smyth (this may be her maiden name), age unknown, although likely that she was younger than Nosirrah, who made clear it in his writings that his interests lie with younger women. It is thought that his editor not only stimulated Noisrrah’s greatest literary works, but may have also been the co-creator of them, perhaps to Nosirrah’s dismay. There are some who suggest that Nosirrah was actually only semi-literate and Lydia was not just his beloved but his ghost-writer. Accounts of their tumultuous relationship suggest a romantic and possibly carnal relationship, and further indicate that it broke down in anger over another woman. Lydia apparently would never see or speak to Nosirrah again, but would continue to “edit” his work.

Nosirrah seems to have been simultaneously devastated and liberated by the loss of Lydia, producing his most difficult and obscure work, Nothing from Nothing, in the ensuing melancholy over the loss of his muse. As he recounts in God is an Atheist Noisrrah tried to suppress the publication of Nothing from Nothing but apparently to no avail, as Lydia already had the manuscript. It is clear from the events surrounding this book and its content that there was a second altering of Nosirrah’s already-altered state of being, one that he may not have recovered from. The event is also evidenced in God is an Atheist as well as the fragments of How to Profit from the Prophets, his unfinished, fragmentary doomsday novel.

Nosirrah apparently has some kind of following, although we have never directly met anyone who has directly met Nosirrah. What is collected here is largely anecdotal and hearsay. Nosirrah himself has written: “Those who understand these writings have no need to meet me, those who do not understand have no reason to meet me, and those who need to meet me have no need to read my writings.”

It is not clear whether Nosirrah is alive or not. There is no record of his death, just as there is no clear record of his life. He himself stated very clearly that he is not, and it is in the honor of these words that we so name this website. We do not know the full extent of his writings, only what we have found by long scavenging and many adventures with collectors of rare books.

Few lives have been as fascinating as the life of Nosirrah, or could point to the essential truths of our existence, and more importantly, perhaps, to our non-existence.